Welcome to Podlewski & Hanson, a firm dedicated to the practice of environmental law.  If you're looking for experienced environmental attorneys to provide counsel and advice on a compliance or permitting matter, to assist you with an environmental issue in a real estate or business transaction, or to represent you in environmental litigation, you've come to the right place. 
Ms. Hanson and Mr. Podlewski began practicing environmental law at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and have been concentrating their practices in the environmental field for 30 years.  Although they have represented a wide variety of business organizations on environmental matters over the years, from partnerships operating small commercial properties to multi-billion dollar corporations, the firm's primary focus is on assisting small to midsize businesses to successfully manage the complex environmental issues they routinely face.
The firm was founded by Heidi Hanson over 15 years ago as H.E. Hanson Esq. P.C.  In mid 2009, the firm's name was changed to reflect the addition of Joseph Podlewski as a shareholder.
Unlike larger firms with diverse practices, we do one thing, and one thing only--practice environmental law.  At Podlewski & Hanson, our clients are not "just another file."  As a small firm, each and every client is important to us.  We are committed to providing the kind of personal service and responsiveness in the management of environmental issues that our clients deserve and are entitled to receive.
We look forward to having an opportunity to serve you.